Residential Life’s apartment renovations continue

With the completion of the Hillside apartments this winter, the UMBC construction projects have entered their third phase. The renovations of theNanticoke, Gunpowder, Monocacy, Sassafras, Chincoteague and Tuckahoe Terrace apartments are currently in progress.

“I like the new apartments, they are much cleaner than the old ones,” said Julian Toliver, senior media and communications major. Toliver moved into the Casselman building in the Hillside community during the winter as phase 2 of construction came to an end.

Residential living spaces were not limited by these renovations due to the expansion of Patapsco Hall last year. Residential Life scheduled the renovations to coincide with the new wing’s opening to prevent the displacement of residents. Once phase 3 is completed, a total of 225 new spaces will have been gained.

Phase 3 is planned for a midsummer completion. Two additional projects in progress include the new Apartment Community Center, and a widened and repaved Terrace Circle. Also in the works are new trash and recycling enclosures, and a large patio area with seating and grills. Next fall, Potomac Hall will be updated, followed by West Hill apartments the following year.

Many Hillside residents are happy that their service desk, normally located in Terrace, has been moved to the Deep Creek building for the next nine months. “I’m happy that we are able to continue desk services while the renovations continue,” said Douglas Copeland, Terrace and Hillside community director.

“It is way more convenient that the desk is closer to us now,” said Jasmine Williams, junior psychology major, who has been a Hillside resident since last fall. “Now we’re definitely going to get our mail more often.”

When the community center opens in nine months, there will be more space available for community programming, studying, meetings, offices and laundry services. “That’s when I will really be excited!” said Copeland.


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